Lease Extensions and Freehold Purchase

Allen & Smith Chartered Surveyors have a wealth of experience in this specialist field. The amount of legislation and subsequent Lands Tribunal cases makes this area difficult for a lay man to follow, and requires continued keen research for the professionals to keep up to date.

We provide Valuations and negotiation advice for flat owners (long Leaseholders) and Freeholders, for the purpose of extending a Lease or buying/selling a Freehold.

We advise clients to obtain a Valuation then approach the opposing party with an offer. This can often save time and expensive related professional fees in the future. If there is no success with open negotiation, the next stage is to serve Notice and follow the Legislative route.

The relevant Legislation provides a number of qualifying criteria and set time periods for serving Notice and Counter Notice which can eventually lead to a decision by the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal. The vast majority of our cases are settled without undue cost and delay as we firmly believe that a mutually amicable solution is far more desirable than protracted negotiations. To achieve this we pride ourselves on having the experience, knowledge and personal service to back up our Valuation and keep momentum when it comes to negotiation.

If you have any queries our Chartered Surveyors will willingly help you to understand your individual circumstances, assess your options and achieve your aims.