Schedule of Condition / Dilapidations Reports

When a commercial lease comes to an end and the Tenant wishes to move out, the Tenant's obligations to repair the building are often disputed. The best way to avoid or at least minimise such disputes is to arrange to have a Schedule of Condition carried out before the Tenant initially occupies the building.

A Schedule of Condition is a record of the condition of the building with consideration to the Terms of the Lease. The Repair Clauses in a Lease will vary so it is essential that a solicitor is consulted to draw up the lease.

The record of condition is used when the Tenant eventually vacates the building at the end of the lease, therefore avoiding possible disputes about the condition of the building. A Schedule of Condition can save a Tenant thousands of pounds, along with the additional cost of solicitors and surveyors fees in dealing with the dispute.

Not just Tenants benefit from this, but Landlords too, as it means that any monies owed or works required due to the repair obligations are quickly finalised, allowing the Landlord to go about finding a new Tenant without undue delays.

A Dilapidations Report is a report used by Landlords of a building to analyses the condition of the building at the end of the Lease, bearing in mind the Repair Clauses within the Lease. It details a list of the required repairs and costs involved.

Our surveyors have many years of experience dealing with a variety of circumstances. Every client's requirements are different as every building and associated lease is different. It is therefore important to discus these issues with a surveyor as it may be the case that we can save you money. Contact our qualified Building Surveyors who are happy to talk with you about your commercial premises and individual needs.