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Building Survey

RICS Home Survey Level 3 (formerly known as a Building Survey/Structural Survey) is the most detailed survey available, providing full details of a property’s construction and condition, and identifies a whole range of defects. It is suitable for all residential properties, and strongly recommended for those property’s which are near or over 100 years old, unusually built or run-down, if the property has been significantly altered, or you are planning a major conversion or renovation.

The RICS Level 3 survey is an investigation of the construction and condition of the building, and does not normally include a Valuation. However, a Valuation may be done in addition, for an extra fee, in most circumstances.

The "Choosing Between Surveys" and "Description of the RICS Homebuyer Service Level 3" downloadable information sheets to the right, are useful in choosing the correct survey.

If you have further queries, please contact our qualified surveyors who are happy to provide free advice.

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Our customers say...

  • Kent survey feedback - Building Survey - Kent

    We would like to thank you for your
    Superb service ...very friendly and helpful from beginning to end. Thank you so much!
    Kindest Regards
    Keith and Julie

  • RICS Survey Level 3 - Report - Building Survey - Dartford, Kent

    Thank you for your email response and for providing all of the helpful information also.

    I just wanted to say thank you for conducting the survey in a professional manner and observation like you did. On further searches which were carried out on the property we established that the property had in fact been…

  • Building survey - Building Survey - Kent

    Perfect thank you Pam and please do thank the surveyor for their additional work.

  • Building survey - Building Survey - Dartford, Kent

    We were very happy with the survey, particularly we were relieved to read that your surveyor believes the extension and loft conversions to be several decades old. This has helped us in our decision to proceed with the purchase of the property. Thank you for a very thorough report.

  • Building survey, Kent - Building Survey - Kent

    I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for providing this report so quickly for us. We used your services during our previous move and are so glad we did so again. We will certainly always recommend you to friends and family. You are stars and have really helped us out during a very stressful and time constrained move.…

  • Pre-purchase survey - Building Survey - Reading, Berkshire

    I had initially looked at the property I was buying and could not find any major issues to the untrained eye but decided to use Allen Smith Surveys just as a precaution. I am glad I did, not because they found major problems, but because it put my mind at ease that the property was not going to cause me any stress when I…

  • Level 3 Survey - Building Survey - Reading

    Your firm recently carried out a survey for me at 3 xxxxxx, Wokingham. I wanted to double check if the Surveyor was able to inspect an outer wall of the house which is at the back and only accessible via a neighbouring property. I am intending to repoint the brickwork on the front of the house but I am not presently sure if…

  • Copper Beech Close - Building Survey - SE London

    Thanks for your help. I appreciate this.

  • Purchase survey - Building Survey - Reading, Berkshire

    Dear sir or madam, Thank you for your email and for the property survey and valuation. Your survey was very comprehensive and easy to understand so we do not have any follow up questions and are proceeding with the purchase. Many thanks for your services and help.

  • Survey at 12 XXXXXXXXXXXX - Building Survey - SE London, Dartford

    Thank you for such and excellent well presented survey. I have used your advice for further questions to the seller and awaiting their reply.

    I would like to say I am very glad I had chosen your company and do not have any further questions at the moment. I apologise for the delay with my reply but I have had a bit…

  • Survey - Building Survey - Essex

    Thank you for the survey which is very clear and I have no follow up questions.