Keyworker Valuation / Shared Ownership Valuation

Keyworker Valuation

Our surveyors have broad experience of the various requirements for keyworker valuations and shared ownership valuations. The wife of one of the Director's, Ben Smith, was a paramedic and hence has benefitted from the keyworker scheme in the past. This personal experience gives us an in depth knowledge of the different schemes available.

We value keyworkers highly in our local area and realise the financial restraints such clients may be under. Because of this we are keen to offer additional discounts for valuations to keyworkers and will match the quote of any other surveying firm while at the same time providing EPCs at a discounted price. This can be arranged in one visit, making matters a little more convenient if you work unsociable hours.

Shared Ownership Valuation / Staircasing valuation

We offer shared owenership valuations, also known as 'staircasing valuations'. There are a number of different schemes available and different approaches for this type of valuation - the timing of the valuation is generally key here. As with keyworker valuations, we realise that those in shared ownership are likely to be on a tight budget so we will provide an updated valuation, (which is sometimes required if the sale takes over 3 months) free of charge.